onsdag 13. oktober 2010


Been travelling a couple of days for work. Finally have time to post some pictures from our hallway I would love love love to have a walk-in warderobe, but in this this apartement we do not have any space. Next time around I am insisting on having one!
Also reaveling my nr 2 fetish: SHOES! These are only some of my newest pairs shown in the picture, I have also been sendt to the basement with a lot of my stuff, where I have another closet full of clothes and SHOES!

søndag 10. oktober 2010


I have this amazing craving for vanilla fragrances, it`s something sophisticated and sexy about this smell. Favorite product for time beeing is Voluspa`s classic Crisp Champagne.
I also bought these great body products from Yves Roches, called organic vanilla last time I was in Malaga, highly recomendable!

fredag 8. oktober 2010

Magic Moments

Told you yesterday that I had bought this amazing light/fireplace made of mirrors at H.M.Interior. Would off course liked a real fireplace inside this wall, but due to an opening kitchen/livingroom space we could unfortunatly not make this happen.
Here is a posted picture of it anyway and it will be standing for a lot of the fall and winter cozyness this year!

Expecting guests...

Pictures from our guest room, fabrics from Kobe and O.S design, made by my Mother, as always:)
Lift curtains are great in bedrooms as they shut out all the light and still look great. Our picture in the guestroom is an old rika, do you remember these? I have great memories with this picture, and I find it very vintage.
Picture below has been my early summer project, as we needed space for our towles and sheets, practical yet looks good. Cabinet was originally dark brown, but I painted it all white. cabinet stands in the guestroom off course;).....

torsdag 7. oktober 2010


Went into one of my favorite interior shops today M.H.Interior, in Bygdøy Allè and just had to buy this amazing piece of hand goodies. They have just started selling these jeweleries in addition to all the great furnitures and decorating stuff they have for sale. The store is a definitative stop if you are in the city and they have great customer service.

Livingroom Inspiration

Sorry for not putting any new pictures out, finally I have some time to show you a few pictures from our living room. Today we bought the coolest mirror "light"/fire place. We will hang it up on the wall tomorrow and I will show you the pictures then:)

lørdag 2. oktober 2010

Man`s World

Look out for this bold and amazing designer Tod Romano, looking at this design making me long for a library even more.