onsdag 29. september 2010

Bygdøy strolling......

Told you I would take a stroll around one of Oslo´s finest nature parks.

Fall is coming!

Ok so here we are, I live in a tre-room apartment together with my husband at Skøyen in Oslo.
I would so love to have a bigger apartment, but for this time around we try to make our outmost of what we have. Fall has taken in over Norway and our beloved veranda will soon be closed down. This picture is taken of our "lounge" part, we also have a dining section, that I will show you all later..... Its been an amazing september, and now Im planning on talking a long walk around Bygdøy to soake up some inspiration:)

This is where it all started!

Remembering the first time Kelly Hoppens design revealed to me, in a British interior magasin. It was at this point I realised what my passion was. Kelly Hoppen is a huge inpiration.